author: "One More Day: A powerful true story of suicide, loss, and a woman's newfound faith"
Just your mom in her 40s with bags under her eyes living for Jesus daily. And who shuffles her teenage daughter to soccer games, high school, the movies, sleepovers, and who works with her pit bull terrier, Sadie, at her side. I love coffee, wine, running, my husband, and cheese. Lots of cheese. I am a recovering journalist, having worked in the business for 20-plus years. Recently, I won the 2017 National Alliance on Mental Illness media award after making it my mission and J-O-B to cover mental health following my sister's 2015 suicide. I am a three-time Public Service winner through the Alabama Associated Press Media Editors contest for Project 7, an initiative I helped develop and eventually lead, and that brought awareness to community issues and how we could provide outreach. The trials my family and I have faced through the loss of loved ones are experiences that shaped me into who I am today. It has crafted my focus, my passion, and my vision, and I am forever grateful for the love, lessons, and life they both gave and left us.
While I live in Alabama, I will always call Texas home.